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A Guide to Mobile Home HVAC Systems
Amenities and Affordability: Manufactured Home Communities Offer Both
Relocating When You’re Older: A Guide to Services That Offer Help
FAQs: Solar Panels for Mobile Homes
A History of Florida Mobile Home Resorts
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mobile home on lease land

Real Estate vs. Chattel: Everything You Need To Know

In the world of housing, there are different terms that can easily confuse buyers and sellers. Here's a simple breakdown of the differences between traditional real estate and manufactured / mobile homes on lease land (also known as “chattel property”). Buying a mobile home in a community is a different transaction than a real estate purchase, so it’s important to understand differences that may affect the sale and purchase of your next home. What is real estate? There's a Latin phrase that says: “quicquid plantur solo, solo cedit,” meaning anything that is fixed to the land becomes part of the land. Real property (real estate) is exactly that--a home that is built on the land and is permanently affixed by a foundation, which can only be removed through an act of severance.  This includes land, anything that is built on the land, and things that are growing on the ...
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Mobile Home Lot Rent

The Benefits of Mobile Home Community Living

There are common misconceptions about mobile home lot rent and how this unique fee in mobile home communities is incorporated into the cost of living. We’re sharing the benefits and what it entails below.  Because mobile homes are a budget-friendly housing solution, monthly lot rent covers aspects of community living to make this lifestyle carefree and provide for the amenities and benefits in the community the mobile home resides in.  The monthly fee commonly known as “lot rent” (but also called a lease fee or lifestyle fee) is a land lease agreement between a home owner and the community owner that ranges in price depending on the community’s amenities and services. You may consider it a convenience fee that the property owner collects and allows you access to your community’s clubhouse, pool, hot tub, library, or even a golf course. Sometimes lot rent also includes lawn mowing, sprinklers and even ...
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Best mobile homes for sale

Best Mobile Homes for Sale: Find Out Where

If you're looking for the best mobile homes for sale in Florida, you've come to the right place. Here are a few of our most popular homes available.   7300 20th Street, Lot 104, Vero Beach, FL 32966 This one is absolutely a one-of-a-kind home among the best mobile homes for sale! It is a 3 bedroom 2 bath home completely furnished and provisioned. This home has a beautiful back porch facing the lake so you can enjoy the serene views of sunrises or sunsets. Located in Village Green, this incredible home is only 8 miles from the beach. This community is close to the Riverside Theater, art museum, outlet mall and antique district. What are you waiting for? Click here to schedule a viewing. 50 Falls Way Drive, Ormond Beach, FL 32174 Look at this charming property! This cozy home has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in excellent condition ...
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Used Mobile Homes For Sale

3 Benefits You Can Get From Looking at Used Mobile Homes for Sale

We often get asked the benefits of investing in used mobile homes for sale. Although it was tough to narrow them down, here are three that might excite you the most. Save Money In The Long Run Think of used mobile homes for sale like pre-owned cars. Sure, they may have been in someone else’s possession before, but they’re much more cost-effective in the long run. When you invest in a used mobile home, you’re able to save a lot more money and you can do what you want with it. Most of our mobile home communities also offer numerous amenities and perks. The money you would be spending on an apartment could actually have a much better value in a mobile home community with similar amenities, plus your own yard and driveway!  Click the infographic below to learn about how manufactured home living is an affordable alternative: Be ...
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The Hamptons In Auburndale

3 Reasons to Say Yes to Moving to the Hamptons in Auburndale

The on-site amenities, the serene location, and the beautiful property are all reasons to say yes to moving to The Hamptons in Auburndale. Here’s a little more information if you don’t believe us. The Hamptons in Auburndale is truly as lux as it sounds. The entrance of this gated community is lined with palm trees and beautiful ponds to offer a welcoming feel for all who enter. The average yearly temperature in this area is a warm 73 degrees for those of you looking to escape the cold. This mobile home community is an adult park that is well-maintained with an exceptional management team that works on-site for all your residential needs. There are a great number of homes available for purchasing and renting, but they go quickly due to the high demand for living this peaceful lifestyle. The Hamptons Mobile Home Community Amenities Did we mention that The Hamptons ...
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Mobile Homes For Sale In Florida

5 of Our Most Popular Mobile Homes for Sale in Florida

If you’re looking for mobile homes for sale in Florida, Four Star Homes is exactly the company you need. Keep reading to see five of our most popular homes available today.   Since 1982, Four Star Homes has been proudly serving our clients and customers throughout Central Florida. What was once just a small, family-owned business has grown to include over 150 agents and has earned us the reputation as Florida’s largest and most experienced full-service mobile and manufactured home brokerage company. While we have grown, the same family continues to run the business and instill our key values of Excellence Integrity Experience and Results in all areas of the operation.  We have hundreds of manufactured and mobile homes for sale in Florida, and we hope this blog will help you find the one you’ve been longing for.    Here are five of our most popular listings:    1660 Primrose ...
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Family Mobile Home Parks Near Me

Where You Can Find the Best Family Mobile Home Parks Near Me

The search has never been easier for ‘family mobile home parks near me.’ Here’s where you can find the perfect one for your family! Everyone goes through different phases of life that bring them to new cities, new experiences and new perspectives. If you’re currently going through a season of your life where moving your family is the next step, we’d love to play a role in finding you the perfect community to settle in. There are going to be many options when searching for ‘family mobile home parks near me,’ but we’ll narrow down your options to ensure we find one that best fits the lifestyle you’re hoping for. Four Star Homes Has A Family Park For You As a full-service manufactured and mobile home brokerage company, we have a large inventory that we’re constantly keeping up with to help both buyers and sellers. While a large majority of ...
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Why Colonial Colony South Is an Ideal Senior Park to Retire In

At Colonial Colony South, retirement feels exactly like it seems in the movies. Here’s why it could be the perfect community for you.  Daytona Beach is no longer just for spring breakers. It has become one of the most ideal areas to retire due to the beautiful beaches, active lifestyle and lively downtown! Colonial Colony South is centrally located in Daytona Beach and offers an exciting lifestyle for those 55+ residents.  Residents at this senior park enjoy personalized mailboxes and appreciate the street lights at every home site. The lifestyle fee (also known as lot rent) for one of these homes is just under $700 per month and includes great amenities plus lawncare, water, irrigation, sewer, trash and cable! Talk about a prime location and cost-effective rent! Think of this community as one you’d see in a snowglobe, except by the beachside.  Colonial Colony South The residents at Colonial Colony ...
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Manufactured Homes For Sale

Debunking 4 Misconceptions About Manufactured Homes for Sale

There are many things people assume about our manufactured homes for sale. We’re debunking four misconceptions below that you may find peculiar. Misconception #1: Manufactured Homes Are Built With Cheap Materials  Manufactured homes are built to meet the expectations of the National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards. And trust us, manufactured homes cannot pass using cheap materials!  Most manufactured homes for sale are built using the same materials, if not stronger materials for transportation, as site-built homes. No need to worry about this! You can find even more information on this from the FMHA here. Misconception #2: All Manufactured Homes For Sale Look The Same  If you’ve ever looked at our listings, you’ll be able to understand how our homes are unique and charismatic. There is a wide variety of features and customizations available when building a manufactured home from scratch.  Click here to view some of our ...
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Mobile Homes For Sale

The Difference Between Manufactured & Mobile Home for Sale

While we have hundreds of mobile homes for sale, it’s become clear to us that not everyone knows exactly what they’re getting. We’re sharing the difference between mobile and manufactured housing in our industry. When you think of ‘off-site built housing,’ what comes to mind? Most people immediately imagine a trailer park home or a mobile home on wheels that they’ve seen from movies. However, there are differing definitions of off-site built housing that fall into two categories: Mobile and Manufactured Homes. While Four Star Homes has both manufactured and mobile homes for sale, the process in which they are built is not the same. We’re sharing the difference below!  Mobile Homes When you break down the phrase “mobile homes,” it’s common for people to imagine a house on wheels - a home that is actually mobile! While this definition was accurate at one point in time, it is now ...
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