4 Easy Mobile Home Design Tips For The Holidays

Looking to transform your mobile home into a festive winter wonderland? You’ve come to the right place! We’re sharing some of our best mobile home design tips to get your home ready for the holidays.

Tip #1: Pick A Theme Or Color Scheme

The first among our mobile home design tips would be for you to pick a theme or a color scheme. We highly recommend that you stick with it throughout your home for a consistent look. Here are some festive color combination ideas: green, red and gold; or yellow, red and silver. Pro tip: If you live around the Kissimmee area, a short drive to Disney Springs will give you some major inspo!

Tip #2: Match Your Decor By Using Spray Paints

This is probably one of our best mobile home design tips! If you struggle findinding decor pieces that match your color scheme, you can simply buy spray paint bottles of your desired colors and spray paint items you already own, like vases or picture frames, to match the theme. This is such an easy and cost-effective way to make them feel new to match your new aesthetic. Bonus points if your mobile home is a waterfront property so you can enjoy the view while spray painting your decor items outside. 

Tip #3: Bring In The Green

Another one of our holiday mobile home design tips is to bring in the green. The mantel and dining table are great places to incorporate fresh greenery, and it smells so nice if you use an evergreen. Magnolia leaves and eucalyptus are also good alternatives. They look great if you mix them all together, as well. It gives a variation of texture and color. Pro tip: Put your eucalyptus on a flat surface with a paper towel on top, use a wine bottle and gently roll on top of the eucalyptus to release its fragrance. 

Tip #4: Add Lighting To Set The Mood

Our last of the mobile home design tips for the holidays is to use lighting to set the mood. Nothing says holidays more than colorful string lights! Get creative with your lighting to bring in the holiday spirit to your mobile home. String lights can easily be incorporated into your garland, holiday jar decor or Christmas tree for an extra touch. You can also buy LED light strips and tape them around your fireplace or TV to set the mood for the room. Pro tip: These lights’ settings can be controlled on your phone.

We hope these mobile home design tips help you add that extra cozy and festive touch to your space this holiday season. And if you’re in search of the mobile home of your dreams for a Christmas present to yourself this year, let Four Star Homes help you. Contact us today to get started!

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