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4 Easy Mobile Home Design Tips For The Holidays

Mobile home design tips Looking to transform your mobile home into a festive winter wonderland? You've come to the right place! We're sharing some of our best mobile home design tips to get you ready for the holidays. Tip #1: Pick A Theme Or Color Scheme Pick a theme or color scheme stick with it throughout your home for a beautiful, consistent look. Theme ideas: Snowflakes, snowmen, Santa, Christmas trees Color combinations: green, red, and gold; blue, white, and silver; green and brown Pro tip: If you live around the Kissimmee area, a short drive to Disney Springs will give you some major inspiration!... Continue Reading

Mobile Home Design Tips That Will Transform the Way You Live

mobile home design There’s no limit to your creativity when it comes to mobile home design. We’re equipping you with the basics to get started livening up your space!   Many hold onto the misconception that all mobile homes look like an old outdated “trailer”, but these newer homes are amazing! You can make your mobile home look and feel exactly the way you want. You’d be surprised at how differently you’ll view manufactured homes once you get creative with mobile home design.   Designing The Interior Your mobile home design should have a purpose. This is your chance to have fun by... Continue Reading

How to Find a Home That Is Within Your Budget

manufactured home double wide mobile home Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a retiree looking to downsize, it can be hard to decipher which type of home will fit the best within your budget. If you’re unsure where to start, manufactured homes are a great choice as they’re typically easier to maintain and afford.   If you find that a manufactured home is right for you, you’ll need to plan out what location you’d like to live in, the layout of the home, and what you can afford. Follow along for more tips on how to find a manufactured home that’s within your budget.  ... Continue Reading

Space Saving Tips for Manufactured Homes

manufactured home bedroom mobile home organization Kristina Marshall   If you're living in a manufactured or mobile home or are planning to downsize to one, your space is really valuable. How do you create a nice, comfortable interior on a small footprint?   Organizing the space in your mobile home for optimal comfort and utility is your first step, and a bedroom is a good place to start. Most mobile homes have multiple bedrooms, and you can create space in each for storage and comfort. Many of these homes have more than 1000 square feet, which gives you some good space to start with.   Think... Continue Reading

The Beginners Guide to Mobile Home Insulation

mobile home insulation manufactured home (Originally published on   The Role of Mobile Home Insulation   Insulation plays an important role in maintaining the livability of your mobile home. The proper insulation will not only ensure that your home remains comfortable throughout the year, but it can also save you significant money on heating bills.   The main difference between mobile and manufactured homes is their time of construction. The mobile home is the name for the homes built before 1976 when the construction became more strictly regulated. A home built after these regulations is referred to as a manufactured home.   If you... Continue Reading

Great Mobile Home Furniture for a Lovely Interior

(Originally published on   Amazing furniture and decor options exist for every size of manufactured home. For owners of compact manufactured homes, it’s particularly important to pick the mobile home furniture that allows you to maximize your space and create a great interior flow for your home.   Here, we’ll discuss some rules of thumb for choosing mobile home furniture that’s both economical and elegant. In addition, you’ll find some recommendations for mobile home furniture pieces that will look great in a wide variety of mobile home floor plans.   Know your home’s dimensions and examine furniture sizes carefully.... Continue Reading

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