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Modular Homes: How They Work and Why You Should Move Into One Today

Modular Homes Modular Homes are just one style of home on the market. We’re here to help you understand how they work and why they might be a good fit for you.   There are many different factors to consider when buying a home. You have to decide which area, what style of home, your budget, your expectations, and more. The three main types of homes are manufactured, modular and site-built. Modular is a healthy mix of both. But what are modular homes?   How They Work Like manufactured homes, modular homes are constructed in sections in a factory environment. They’re then... Continue Reading

Mobile & Manufactured Homes: A Twist on Orlando Housing & Real Estate

Mobile Homes In Florida As culture evolves, so do Orlando housing and real estate trends. We’re uncovering another home-buying option that may work better for you.   Over the years, the world has put a negative stigma around the term “trailer parks.” However, our team at Four Star Homes is altering the way people view such communal areas. Mobile and manufactured homes offer some competitive advantages as an alternative to traditional Orlando housing. Their easy, affordable features make them impossible not to consider.   Our website lists available mobile and manufactured homes by areas all over Florida. We have the largest inventory of manufactured... Continue Reading

The Florida Lifestyle Blog

The Florida Lifestyle Blog Welcome to the all-new Four Star Homes Florida Lifestyle Blog. Thanks for taking a peek as we provide you with information about incredible, affordable Florida living. There are many houses, communities and other options for you to choose from to fit your budget and stage of life.   The Communities Though some manufactured home communities openly welcome families with children, other communities are limited to adult-only residents or home buyers ages 55 and over who seek affordable housing along with lots of age-appropriate amenities, activities, and services. Our professionally trained agents can help you navigate all these options and find... Continue Reading

What You Need to Know Before You Sell Your Manufactured Home

What You Need To Know Before You Sell Your Manufactured Home Do you live in a manufactured or mobile home community? Maybe one in Central Florida or somewhere along the Florida coast? Are you considering selling your home? There are many reasons you may be in the market to sell your manufactured home, such as you need a change of scenery, you want more space, or you’ve found the new perfect home in the manufactured home community of your dreams. Whatever the reason, before selling your home, be sure to remember these key things.   Do You Own the Property or Have a Lot Lease Agreement? If you own the property... Continue Reading

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