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3 Benefits You Can Get From Looking at Used Mobile Homes for Sale

Used Mobile Homes For Sale We often get asked the benefits of investing in used mobile homes for sale. Although it was tough to narrow them down, here are three that might excite you the most. Save Money In The Long Run  Think of used mobile homes for sale like pre-owned cars. Sure, they may have been in someone else’s possession before, but they’re much more cost-effective in the long run. When you invest in a used mobile home, you’re able to save a lot more money and you can do what you want with it.  Most of our mobile home communities also offer numerous... Continue Reading

The Beginners Guide to Mobile Home Insulation

mobile home insulation manufactured home (Originally published on   The Role of Mobile Home Insulation   Insulation plays an important role in maintaining the livability of your mobile home. The proper insulation will not only ensure that your home remains comfortable throughout the year, but it can also save you significant money on heating bills.   The main difference between mobile and manufactured homes is their time of construction. The mobile home is the name for the homes built before 1976 when the construction became more strictly regulated. A home built after these regulations is referred to as a manufactured home.   If you... Continue Reading

Great Mobile Home Furniture for a Lovely Interior

(Originally published on   Amazing furniture and decor options exist for every size of manufactured home. For owners of compact manufactured homes, it’s particularly important to pick the mobile home furniture that allows you to maximize your space and create a great interior flow for your home.   Here, we’ll discuss some rules of thumb for choosing mobile home furniture that’s both economical and elegant. In addition, you’ll find some recommendations for mobile home furniture pieces that will look great in a wide variety of mobile home floor plans.   Know your home’s dimensions and examine furniture sizes carefully.... Continue Reading

A Guide to Mobile Home HVAC Systems

(Article from Blue National HVAC) Heating and cooling a mobile or manufactured home can be challenging. The space is smaller than traditional homes, so it’s easier to heat and cool, but there’s no attic or basement to house HVAC equipment, there’s less space for ductwork, and no homeowner wants a furnace or bulky AC unit taking up room in their mobile home. Luckily, there are several HVAC options that make conditioning the air in your mobile home possible and practical, and some can even reduce your running and maintenance costs. Ductless Mini-split One of the most popular HVAC systems for... Continue Reading

A History of Florida Mobile Home Resorts

(Written with permission by Russell S. Watson of Florida Manufactured Home Living - See the video here!) Hundreds of thousands of people live in manufactured home resort parks in Florida, yet few know the history that resulted in their creation. Early History The first large-scale production mobile home was the Conestoga wagon. It was constructed from wood, and the wheels were iron rim for greater durability. The wagon was about 18 feet long, 11 feet high, and four feet in width. It was the first mobile home used on a large scale. Everything you needed for the trip had to... Continue Reading

What’s the Difference Between a Mobile Home and a Manufactured Home?

When looking for a mobile home or manufactured home for sale, it can be somewhat confusing. The terms are often used interchangeably, but there are important differences. What are mobile homes and manufactured homes? Both mobile homes and manufactured homes were both built off-site in a warehouse. These prefabricated homes were then transported to the location where they’re set and permanently affixed to the ground. They are often placed in mobile home communities next to other mobile homes. These mobile and manufactured home communities are a far cry from the outdated term "trailer parks", as they are more commonly well-kept... Continue Reading

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