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Space Saving Tips for Manufactured Homes

manufactured home bedroom mobile home organization Kristina Marshall   If you're living in a manufactured or mobile home or are planning to downsize to one, your space is really valuable. How do you create a nice, comfortable interior on a small footprint?   Organizing the space in your mobile home for optimal comfort and utility is your first step, and a bedroom is a good place to start. Most mobile homes have multiple bedrooms, and you can create space in each for storage and comfort. Many of these homes have more than 1000 square feet, which gives you some good space to start with.   Think... Continue Reading

The Beginners Guide to Mobile Home Insulation

mobile home insulation manufactured home (Originally published on   The Role of Mobile Home Insulation   Insulation plays an important role in maintaining the livability of your mobile home. The proper insulation will not only ensure that your home remains comfortable throughout the year, but it can also save you significant money on heating bills.   The main difference between mobile and manufactured homes is their time of construction. The mobile home is the name for the homes built before 1976 when the construction became more strictly regulated. A home built after these regulations is referred to as a manufactured home.   If you... Continue Reading

Low-Maintenance Landscaping Tips for Mobile Homes

Bob Silverman, LawnStarter Never forget the three Ls when buying a new mobile home: location, landscaping, and low maintenance. Living in Florida, we have the location handled. Landscaping your mobile home with low-maintenance plants and hardscaping means you’ll spend less time working on your yard and more time enjoying it. Mobile and manufactured home communities provide simple living for singles, couples, families, and those looking to retire in Florida. The amenities are endless: swimming pools, clubhouses, golf courses, and just about everything else nearby to keep you busy. And since many mobile home communities include grass-cutting services in your monthly... Continue Reading

How Four Star Homes Gets Manufactured Homes Sold Fast

central florida manufactured home mobile home broker There's a reason why Four Star Homes is Central Florida's largest and most experienced manufactured home broker. Not only have we been in the business since 1982, but we also have more than 150 agents based out of offices across Central Florida. Many of these agents live in the mobile home communities they serve, making them experts on the lifestyles afforded by living in a manufactured home. Last year alone, we successfully sold more than 1,650 homes. In fact, Four Star Homes is responsible for 1 out of 10 manufactured home resales in Florida! Homes listed with Four Star average... Continue Reading

Are Mobile Homes Energy Efficient?

manufactured home insulation (Originally published on Homeowners are more concerned than ever about energy efficiency in their homes. Demand for energy-efficient homes is high as Americans strive to reduce their energy bills and their carbon footprints. If you’re considering buying a manufactured home, you might be wondering how to find an energy-efficient model. Fortunately, the news is good: manufactured homes have become steadily more energy efficient as innovation has improved building techniques and materials. Here, we’ll discuss the latest in energy-efficiency developments for manufactured homes. We’ll also talk about the most important things that owners of manufactured homes can do to improve... Continue Reading

How To Find The Best Mobile Home Park In Florida For You

Mobile home park in Florida Planning on moving to the Sunshine State to enjoy warm weather all year round? Here's our go-to guide to find the best mobile home park in Florida. What Type Of Mobile Home Park In Florida Is Ideal For You? Senior ParkA “senior park” is generally restricted to people who are over 55 year of age and there are mobile home parks in Florida that will cater to those who just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. You will find like minded people in these communities where you can enjoy retirement in style! Senior parks... Continue Reading

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