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5 Steps to Summerizing Your Mobile Home Before Leaving for Vacation

Summerizing Your Mobile Home Summertime means vacation time! Check off the following five steps for summerizing your mobile home before you leave on vacation:   1. Set The AC Accordingly  If you’re traveling during the summer, it’s best to set your AC accordingly. You won’t want it running on full blast if you aren’t going to be there to enjoy it, but you do want to maintain your home at a reasonable temperature to protect your valuables. Remember to double check before you leave that it’s turned up or set to run on a schedule.        2. Check On Your Insurance  Making... Continue Reading

Hurricane Season: Emergency Kit Checklist

Emergency Kit Checklist Every home should have an emergency kit checklist for a disaster or unexpected occurrence. Here’s our checklist to make sure you and your family are prepared.   Hurricanes and storms are all too common in Florida. We saw the devastation that Hurricane Irma left just a little over a year ago. We saw the shelves of bread and water being cleaned out and everyone was filling up on gas to ensure they could get out if need be. Besides those few, essential items here are a couple of tips you should be doing to be prepared.   Emergency Radio  ... Continue Reading

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