Hurricane Season: Emergency Kit Checklist

Every home should have an emergency kit checklist for a disaster or unexpected occurrence. Here’s our checklist to make sure you and your family are prepared.


Hurricanes and storms are all too common in Florida. We saw the devastation that Hurricane Irma left just a little over a year ago. We saw the shelves of bread and water being cleaned out and everyone was filling up on gas to ensure they could get out if need be. Besides those few, essential items here are a couple of tips you should be doing to be prepared.


Emergency Radio


Emergency Kit ChecklistPurchasing an emergency radio that runs on batteries can be essential to staying on top of the news and what’s happening. You should also remember to purchase an external charger for your phone or other equipment you’d like to have charged should the electricity go out.


The Weather Channel app gives you real-time weather updates so you can see what’s coming and can make an educated decision. The app uses your location too so most times, it’s very accurate.




Emergency Kit Checklist:

Here are the items you should have in your family’s emergency kit:

-A three-day supply of water, approximately one gallon of water per day per person

-A three-day supply of non-perishable food to also include a manual can opener

-A battery powered radio with extra batteries

-First-aid kit

-Flashlight with extra batteries


-Filter mask or a cotton t-shirt

-Emergency blanket

-Cell phone charger

-Moist towelettes

-Wrench or pliers



-Any important documents in a waterproof case or bag

-Emergency numbers

-Unique family needs including prescription medications, infant formula, diapers, etc.

-Pet supplies

-Personal hygiene items   


You can save these items, as most of them will be good for years, at your home so whenever you do come across an emergency situation, you’ll have these on hand and ready to go.


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