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Real Estate vs. Chattel: Everything You Need To Know

mobile home on lease land In the world of housing, there are different terms that can easily confuse buyers and sellers. Here's a simple breakdown of the differences between traditional real estate and manufactured / mobile homes on lease land (also known as “chattel property”). Buying a mobile home in a community is a different transaction than a real estate purchase, so it’s important to understand differences that may affect the sale and purchase of your next home. What is real estate?  There's a Latin phrase that says: “quicquid plantur solo, solo cedit,” meaning anything that is fixed to the land becomes part of the... Continue Reading

What You Need to Know Before You Sell Your Manufactured Home

What You Need To Know Before You Sell Your Manufactured Home Do you live in a manufactured or mobile home community? Maybe one in Central Florida or somewhere along the Florida coast? Are you considering selling your home? There are many reasons you may be in the market to sell your manufactured home, such as you need a change of scenery, you want more space, or you’ve found the new perfect home in the manufactured home community of your dreams. Whatever the reason, before selling your home, be sure to remember these key things.   Do You Own the Property or Have a Lot Lease Agreement? If you own the property... Continue Reading

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