What You Need to Know Before You Sell Your Manufactured Home

Do you live in a manufactured or mobile home community? Maybe one in Central Florida or somewhere along the Florida coast? Are you considering selling your home? There are many reasons you may be in the market to sell your manufactured home, such as you need a change of scenery, you want more space, or you’ve found the new perfect home in the manufactured home community of your dreams. Whatever the reason, before selling your home, be sure to remember these key things.


Do You Own the Property or Have a Lot Lease Agreement?

If you own the property your mobile home is on and you’re selling the home and property, this is considered real estate and is sold the same way as any other form of real estate, like a site built home. However, if your manufactured home is in a community where you pay monthly lot rent, you will not be selling the land – only your mobile home – and that changes the process.


This type of sale is considered personal property or chattel. Most people who live in a mobile home live on the rented property, which means the community has a say to whom you sell your manufactured home too.


Pricing Your Home

While alike in many ways, mobile homes in lot lease communities are not like site-built homes when it comes to value, in that, like a car, they usually depreciate in value over time. Before selling, you will want to determine the right price for your home. This will depend on many factors, including home age and condition, the community where the home is located, amenities offered and lot rent.  


Here at Four Star Homes, we have a proprietary database with over 10 years of sales history for many homes, communities and areas across Central Florida. When you list your home for sale, pricing it right will be the difference between a quick sale and one that drags out. Four Star Homes will provide you with a market analysis and help you determine the best price to list your home.


Inspect Your Home

Having your home inspected by a licensed home inspector can help tell you what retouchings your home needs, as well as be peace of mind for any potential buyer who is wary of buying a used property. Inspections will give you the opportunity to fix any issues before they are discovered by a buyer and having everything in top shape will help you get the most money for your manufactured home. This will also make the closing process quicker and allow you to make the move you are planning.


Four Star Homes has offices throughout Florida and would be honored to help you SELL your manufactured home. If you would like to learn more about how any of our over 150 professionally trained agents can help you, be sure to contact us right away. From Daytona Beach to Vero Beach to DeLand and all over Central Florida, we can help you sell your manufactured home and buy the mobile home of your dreams.

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