Tiny Homes vs. Orlando Mobile Homes

The tiny house phenomenon has slowly made its way to our area. We’re walking you through the difference between tiny homes and Orlando mobile homes.


Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are also known as “park models,” which are less than 500 sq ft. in living area.  They’re self-sufficient and designed for minimalist residents who long for freedom. Most people choose tiny homes because the cost of living is low, they are environmentally friendly, and they offer an on-the-go lifestyle. Many tiny homes that are offered by Four Star Homes are permanently set homes, with great outdoor spaces, storage and even car ports.



Due to the nature of their size and the fact that they are generally considered RVs, tiny homes are not always accepted in traditional mobile home parks. There are usually designated areas for park models in RV communities. Many people who have been “RVers” for years find the tradition to a tiny home easy and treat them like a secondary home. The beauty of a fully set up tiny home is that you don’t have to drive it everywhere and it’s ready when you arrive!  



Orlando Mobile HomesMobile Homes

Orlando mobile homes are designed for everyday modern living. While they vary in square footage, most available mobile homes, depending on the community, can comfortably house a family. The cost of living is typically cheaper than an apartment, which also includes your own lot, parking, and utilities. They’re essentially a house with much less maintenance and when located in a community provide a great lifestyle for a family or retirees.




The Lifestyle

The biggest pro when it comes to mobile homes is the lifestyle they offer. Four Star Homes sells Orlando mobile homes in a variety of communities that offer different amenities. From waterfront properties to secluded communities, mobile home parks can provide a sense of both security and freedom. The communities have their own amenities and features that make them unique. There is most definitely an Orlando mobile home with everything you’re looking for.



Both tiny homes and Orlando mobile homes are similar in that they are low in maintenance and customizable. The lifestyle provided with mobile homes is both promising and desired.


Contact one of our agents today to learn more about the mobile home communities in your surrounding areas. Four Star Homes would love to help you find the lifestyle you’re looking for!


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