How To Prepare Your Home So You Can Move To Florida

Are you on the fence about deciding when the right time is to move to Florida? There’s a lot to think about when preparing for a move, and that’s why we’re here to help. Here’s what we recommended to guide you through the process.

Properly preparing your home for a move to Florida saves you time and money in the long-run. Yet, it can be hard to think of all the loose ends that need to be tied down before you leave. That’s where this guide comes in to help. Some of our favorite client moments are when we hear stories of that retirement move to Florida and how it was the best decision they ever made!

Organize Your Most Important Items Room-By-Room 

Step one in any plan to move to Florida is organization and packing. The best way to start is walking through your home and making a list of your most essential items. Sectioning off each room into three three categories – “take,” “store,” or “trash” – is a great way to tackle this process in an easy and organized method.

A smart way to avoid things getting lost or left behind is by using labels – sticky notes, sharpies, and large box labels are your lifesaver on this one! 

Consider Storage For Larger Items 

Whether your move to Florida is a permanent one or just a change of location for the season, it’s a good idea to consider where your larger items will be placed. It’s typical to bring some of them to your new home, but maybe there are pieces you just don’t want to ship. That’s when a storage facility comes in handy, so don’t forget to set this up if needed.

Research Your Desired Destination 

Once everything is tied down on the homefront, it’s time to narrow down your search of where you’ll live when you make the move to Florida. When it comes to understanding the perks of mobile home community living, you’re in good hands with Four Star Homes. It’s our specialty, and we want you to find the best home for your tastes. Our goal is to leave you with a similar impression to the one expressed in this customer review: 

“Millie Serrano was the agent for the seller – she was super amazing the entire process. She answered every question and if she did not know or was not sure, she found the answer for me. It was such a pleasure to work with her and I would recommend Four Star to anyone. “

Karen Caswell (Buyer)

If you’re looking to start the research process for your move to Florida, fill out this form – we’re here and ready to guide you through your options!  

Pick Your Date And Move To Florida! 

After the packing, the storage, the research, and maybe a visit or two, it’s officially time to move to Florida! Planning around the weather can be a little tricky, so we suggest picking a date mid-November and early December if you’re looking to escape those winter months in a true snowbird style. Plus, hurricane season is over by that point, which means nothing prevents you from living the full extent of the Sunshine State life. 

Contact us today and learn more about the excellent mobile home options we have available for your desired move to Florida.

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