The Benefits of Mobile Home Community Living

There are common misconceptions about mobile home lot rent and how this unique fee in mobile home communities is incorporated into the cost of living. We’re sharing the benefits and what it entails below. 

Because mobile homes are a budget-friendly housing solution, monthly lot rent covers aspects of community living to make this lifestyle carefree and provide for the amenities and benefits in the community the mobile home resides in. 

The monthly fee commonly known as “lot rent” (but also called a lease fee or lifestyle fee) is a land lease agreement between a home owner and the community owner that ranges in price depending on the community’s amenities and services. You may consider it a convenience fee that the property owner collects and allows you access to your community’s clubhouse, pool, hot tub, library, or even a golf course. Sometimes lot rent also includes lawn mowing, sprinklers and even basic cable.  

What Is Included In A Mobile Home Lot Rent? 

Each mobile home community provides a unique lifestyle experience for its residents. In saying this, lot rents vary and what is included for the lot rent depends on the amenities and services provided. Some communities with low lot rent have fewer amenities to offer, whereas other communities that charge a higher lot rent have features that make it all worth it! 

Lot rent typically includes services such as lawn care, cable, and trash collection while some communities even include water or other utilities. Because of this fee, you’re also guaranteed access to the clubhouse’s amenities and general maintenance if and when you need it. As a pro tip, it’s always a good idea to ask your agent, “What is included in my lot rent?” This will help ensure you’re staying on top of your budget and you know exactly what to expect prior to purchasing your mobile home

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How Much Is A Lot Rent? 

As mentioned above, a mobile home lot rent entirely varies on the community. It can range anywhere from $300 to over $1,000 a month – depending on which community amenities are a must-have for you! 

Property tax can be passed through, included in the lot rent or not charged at all, depending on the community. Generally, the property tax, if passed through, is much less than you would pay if you owned the land outright, so that is one fee you won’t have to worry about. We understand that this must be a lot of information for you to take in, so we created a graphic to help you visualize the benefits of choosing a mobile home over an apartment or site-built home. See below: 

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