5 Tips for Winterizing Your Manufactured Home

While it’s not nearly as cold in Florida as other parts of the country, cooler temperatures should remind us to prepare our homes to stay efficient and warm. Here are 5 tips you need to know for winterizing your manufactured home.


Our team at Four Star Homes can appreciate this weather when we’re out and about selling manufactured homes. Summertime in Florida may be long, but it’s always good to be ready for the unexpected– especially for the variability of Florida weather. When winterizing your manufactured home, there are essentially three things you want to achieve: getting cold air out, keeping warm air in and taking care of plumbing. In order to achieve these goals, here are five simple steps for keeping your manufactured home nice and toasty!


Check Your Heater

First, make sure you have a heater that is well-equipped for the winter. Most HVAC companies suggest that you get your heater inspected before winter comes to ensure all is running well. We highly recommend taking their advice because there’s nothing worse than having a faulty heater when you’re in the middle of the cold months.


Check Your Roof Insulation

Hot air rises, which means that if your roof isn’t insulated correctly, a lot of hot air could escape. Some mobile homes are not suitably insulated, which is why you should check for any areas where air escapes. If you find areas where air can escape, be sure to either contact a roofer or use weatherproof caulk to seal the area.


Maintain Plumbing

It can get quite cold out there, which is why you don’t want your plumbing to freeze over. Make sure that any exposed pipes are properly insulated to prevent freezing.

If they aren’t insulated, you can always check them and add pipe wraps. This is much easier than you think. You can purchase wraps at a local utility store.


Winterizing Your Manufactured HomeSeal Windows & Doors

Windows and doors let in a lot of heat in the summer, as well as cool air in the winter. You want to make sure that around the edges of your windows that there is proper caulking. You can also replace your windows with energy efficient windows that will keep the heat in, and the cold out. When looking for new windows, you want to look for ones that have a WERS label; these windows are made to keep the head in the winter.



Check & Block Any Holes

Check to make sure there are no areas where heat can escape. These areas include outlets, doors and windows, and floor and roof corners. Double check these areas and fill them in with caulking to ensure air doesn’t escape.

If you have more questions about winterizing your manufactured home, feel free to contact us. If you’re thinking of selling or moving into a manufactured home, then look no further than Four Star Homes as the trusted business and resource to help you find or list your mobile home.

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