Relocating When You’re Older: A Guide to Services That Offer Help

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According to researchers who examine the lives of older individuals, a third of those age 65 and over change residences.

Moving is challenging under the best of circumstances, but the task becomes even more stressful when it happens during one’s golden years. The job can be made easier by selecting services that specifically target your demographic. Here are a few that are designed to assist your transition, making the experience as smooth and carefree as possible.

Real Estate

Your journey begins with finding the right place to live.

If you’re of the mind that downsizing is key, and if you want to live in an area located near amenities like golf, the water, or shopping, a manufactured home in a designated retirement community can be a great choice.

House hunting can be intimidating for anyone. High-pressure sales situations are avoidable by attending live seminars, where the group nature of the event makes these types of uncomfortable tactics more difficult. Increasingly common is showing properties over the web, just one way in which real estate hunting has changed since COVID-19’s spread. This method of home searching makes the process even more convenient and less taxing.

Or you can work with Four Star Homes, where our agents treat you like friends and family! Not only are we Florida’s largest and most experienced full-service mobile and manufactured home brokerage company, but we work with seniors often.

We will not pressure you to buy something you don’t love, and we’re also equipped to offer virtual consultations and home tours.

Transportation Whizzes

Relocating requires a dependable moving service that will transport your prized possessions without them getting lost or broken.

Choose one specifically oriented to your generation. Unlike traditional movers, those that understand your stage in life are sensitive to your concerns and desires.

In addition to hauling items, these specialized movers typically offer help with related tasks, such as downsizing, selling belongings that are no longer desirable, and staging homes so that they attract the best resale prices.

Insurance Professionals

Even if the transportation service you select is outstanding, there is the chance that your belongings might get damaged.

Purchasing moving insurance is often a wise decision. How much it costs depends upon the weight of what you’re protecting. Worth noting is that damage due to natural disasters is typically not compensated. Your homeowner’s insurance may include limited coverage. Check your policy and decide whether additional insurance makes sense.

Legal Experts

You never know when an untrustworthy contractor is planning on taking advantage of you.

There are numerous laws that protect older adults, including the 1967 Age Discrimination Act and the Elder Justice Act. Certain programs funded under the Older Americans Act are designed to educate seniors about the rules.

Should you determine that your rights are being violated, find a lawyer that focuses on your concern. If your budget doesn’t allow for doing this, seek a legal service that is entirely free.

Additional Services

Before making a down payment on a home, get in touch with The National Association of Senior Move Managers. This nonprofit is adept at modifying existing residences so that relocating is no longer necessary. If a change of location does prove essential, one of their move managers can provide assistance.

It’s also worth joining the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Members receive many benefits, including discounts on moving truck rentals.

Further, it is recommended that you get in touch with the United States Administration on Aging. This public service can connect you with supplementary workers in your neighborhood, such as cleaning teams and home health aides.

Finally, you may need an expert contractor or two to make your new home one that’s truly safe and comfortable, as well as a home that truly supports your quality of life.

Of course, one of the first things you’ll need to get done when you move is to get your doors re-keyed for your security. When you use a platform like Angi, “bonded locksmiths near me” searches make it easy to find the appropriate professional in your area. While glowing client reviews will indicate reliability and good workmanship, you also want to look for a locksmith who is insured and/or bonded and preferably affiliated with the Associated Locksmiths of America.

Transitioning from one residence to another requires assistance. The process goes smoothly when you have competent support systems in place. When shifting living situations, make informed choices regarding those who’ll work on your behalf.

Start by contacting Four Star Homes at 877-477-3932 to find the ideal home for retirement living.

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